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Initial Talk▶︎▶︎ビルボードも絶賛した、あの有名曲のリミックス/マッシュ・アップ。これ、反則級の凄さです - page 3

19. Ariana Grande

Side to Side feat. Nicki Minaj (Boy You Knock Me Out '98 Remix)

20. Jennifer Lopez

Feelin' So Good (Don't Stop '01 Remix)

21. Missy Elliott

One Minute Man feat. Ludacris, Trina (Between the Sheets '83 Remix)

22. Rihanna

Work feat. Drake, Left Eye (No Scrubs '99 Remix)

23. New Edition

Hit Me Off (That's The Way Love Goes '93 Remix)

24. Rihanna

Pon De Replay (Hey Mr. D.J. '93 Remix)

25. Ashanti

Foolish (Real Love '92 Remix)

26. Brandy

I Wanna Be Down feat. Color Me Badd (I Wanna Sex You Up '91 Remix)

27. Beyonce

Love On Top (Mr. Telephone Man '84 Remix)


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