'90年代R&B▶︎▶︎永久保存版。時代を創った永遠の名曲特集 ⑨

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145. Blackstreet (ブラックストリート)

This Is How We Roll ('96)

Produced by Frank “Nitty” Pimentel, Teddy Riley

146. Nona Gaye (ノーナ・ゲイ)

I'm Overjoyed ('92)

produced by Zack Harmon, Christopher Troy

147. Cherrell (シェレール)

Tears of Joy ('92)

produced by Keith Cohen

148. Nuttin' Nyce (ナッティン・ナイス)

Show Me ('93)

produced by Larry "Rock" Campbell

149. Trisha Covington (トリーシャ・コヴィングトン)

Why You Wanna Play Me Out? ('94)

produced by Alan "Byrd" Tatum

150. Penny Ford (ペニー・フォード)

Daydreaming ('93)

produced by Paul Simpson

151. Raja-Nee (ラジャネー)

Turn It Up ('94)

produced by Jam & Lewis

152. Aaliyah (アリーヤ)

The Thing I Like ('95)

produced by R. Kelly

153. Shiro (シャイロ)

Can We Talk ('96)

produced by Michael Barber, Reno Delajuan

154. Sa-Deuce (サ・デュース)

Don't Waste My Time ('96)

produced by Darryl McClary, Mike Allen, The Mecca Don Bros.

155. Tony Thompson (トニー・トンプソン)

I Wanna Love Like That ('95)

produced by Jon-John, Reggie Griffin

156. Max a Million (マックス・ア・ミリオン)

Part Time Love Affair ('95)

produced by A'Lisa B, C. Rosario, D. Estevez, T. Miller

157. 7669

R.M.A. (Will U Remember Me) ('94)

produced by Full Force

158. Chuckii Booker (チャッキー・ブーカー)

You Don't Know ('92)

produced by Chuckii Booker

159. Judy Cheeks (ジュディ・チークス)

This Time ('95)

produced by Johnny D

160. Angie & Debbie (アンジー&デビー)

Light of Love ('93)

produced by Gary Brown, Steve Harvey

161. Smoothe Sylk (スムース・シルク)

Slow ('94)

produced by Mixzo

162. Ladae! (ラデエ!)

Deep Down ('94)

produced by Kevin Deane, Hitmakers (RocHead)





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