'90年代R&B▶︎▶︎永久保存版。時代を創った永遠の名曲特集 ⑫

最終更新: 2020年12月26日

199. Chante Moore (シャンテ・ムーア)

It's Alright ('93)

produced by Vassal Benford

200. Shanice (シャニース)

Turn Down the Lights ('94)

produced by Bo Watson, McArthur, Babyface

201. Color Me Badd (カラー・ミー・バッド)

How Deep ('93)

produced by Mark Murray

202. Tamia (タミア)

Show Me Love ('98)

produced by J-Dub

203. Elisha La'Verne (エリーシャ・ラヴァーン)

I May Be Single ('96)

produced by E. Martin, T.Kura

204. Tene Williams (ティネイ・ウィリアムズ)

Give Him a Love He Can Feel ('93)

produced by Steve "Silk" Hurley

205. El DeBarge (エル・デバージ)

Can't Get Enough ('94)

produced by Babyface, Jonathan Robinson

206. Emage (イメージ)

The Choice is Yours ('94)

produced by Hitman Howie Tee

207. Front Page (フロント・ページ)

Like You Used To Do ('94)

produced by Eric Isaacs, Patrick Moten

208. The Good Girls (ザ・グッド・ガールズ)

It Must Be Love ('92)

produced by Lucresia Holbdy

209. Ladae! (ラデエ!)

Baby I

produced by DJ Eddie F





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