'90年代R&B▶︎▶︎永久保存版。時代を創った永遠の名曲特集 ⑪

最終更新: 2020年12月22日

181. Men of Vizion (メン・オブ・ヴィジョン)

Show You the Way To Go ('96)

produced by Teddy Riley

182. Karyn White (キャリン・ホワイト)

Simple Pleasure ('94)

produced by Jam & Lewis

183. Xscape (エクスケイプ)

Your Eyes ('98)

produced by Daryl Simmons

184. Joe Public (ジョー・パブリック)

This One's For You

produced by Joe Public, Lionel Job

185. For Real (フォー・リアル)

Free ('96)

produced by Craig B

186. LSG

Curious feat. LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes, Lil' Kim ('98)

produced by Tumblin’ Dice

187. Hi-Five (ハイ・ファイヴ)

Whatever You Say ('92)

produced by Carl Bourelly

188. Glenn Jones (グレン・ジョーンズ)

Make It Up To You ('94)

produced by Craig Kind, Glenn Jones

189. Troop (トゥループ)

Fly Away ('98)

produced by Steven Russell

190. Penny Ford (ペニーフォード)

I'll Be There ('93)

produced by Irmgard Klarmann, Felix Weber, Randy D. Jackson

191. Cheryl "Pepsii" Riley (シェリル・ペプシ・ライリー)

Forgive And Forget ('93)

produced by Full Force, The Shopwreckers

192. Full Force (フル・フォース)

Back Together Again ('95)

produced by Elmando "Cito" George, Full Force, Lucien George, Sr.

193. Tatyana Ali (タチヤナ・アリ)

Boy You Knock Me Out feat. Will Smith ('98)

produced by Stonebridge

194. Ce Ce Peniston (シー・シー・ペニストン)

Searchin' ('94)

produced by Steve "Silk" Hurley

195. TLC

Let's Do It Again ('94)

produced by Jon-John, Babyface

196. Blackstreet (ブラックストリート)

Givin' You All My Lovin' ('94)

produced by Teddy Riley, Leon Sylvers III

197. Brandy (ブランディ)

Sunny Day ('94)

produced by Somethin' for the People

198. Aaliyah (アリーヤ)

A Girl Like You feat. Treach ('96)

produced by Darren Lighty, Kay-Gee





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